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Below are responses to our most frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions, please contact us.

Does UMA charge an admission fee?2018-05-24T00:55:25+06:00

No. Admission to the Underwater Museum of Art is free; No ticket or reservation is required. However, there is an admission fee for Grayton Beach State Park. Please visit the park’s website for a current fee schedule. Visitors will also incur their own costs to dive the site.

I’m not a diver. How can I experience the museum?2018-05-24T00:53:13+06:00

Currently, the UMA is only accessible as a dive location. Visit Explore UMA for information about dive shops, tours, and obtaining your certification while visiting the area. Once the sculptures are deployed photos and video will be available for online viewing.

Is the UMA handicap accessible?2018-05-24T00:51:10+06:00

The UMA will be accessible by boat and scuba dive to the approximate 60-foot depth. The Cultural Arts Alliance of Walton County makes an ongoing effort to ensure all its programs are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Through the efforts of our Accessibility Committee using ADA self-evaluation, checklists, and guidelines, the CAA is focused on making its programs open and accessible to anyone who would like to participate. The Grayton Beach State Park access is ADA compliant, which is the location of the most direct access to the UMA. Boating, kayaking, and diving to the UMA are possible with a variety of disabilities, and the CAA will partner with a local dive/scuba center to provide resources to the disabled wanting to receive training and information. The CAA will make arrangements for any request for accommodation by those with disabilities. The sculptures will be well documented with both photo and video available for viewing online, post-deployment.

How do I visit the museum?2018-04-23T07:12:25+06:00

The Underwater Museum of Art is located in approximately 60-feet of water and therefore necessitates the need for visitors to be certified divers in order to access the park at depth. Snorkelers can view the museum from a comfortable depth above the installations. All visitors should be capable open-water swimmers and observe established water safety practices.

I’m an artist. How can I contribute my artwork?2018-05-10T04:39:25+06:00

The CAA and SWARA post an international call to all artists annually for those interested in submitting works for consideration in the juried exhibition. Visit our Call to Artists page for details.

How can I get involved with UMA?2018-05-10T04:45:28+06:00

There are many ways to get involved with the museum! Divers can visit the sculpture garden in person, artists can contribute their work to the museum, individual and business patrons can support the museum through donations, and the public is invited to attend UMA events throughout the year, follow UMA on social media, and subscribe to our email newsletter.

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